Sharing your professional information online

One of the features PIO provides is the ability to share a portfolio or CV with someone of your choosing.  This might be a peer, colleague or manager?  Everytime the authorised person accesses the link you have provided, the very latest information is shown.  This means if you shared your professional information with someone and continued recording your training, professional development hours, work history, every time the person views your information, they can see this without you having to resend it to them.  So how do you do this?

When you have created a portfolio you will see a Configure button to the right of output formats

Clicking the button prompts for a password.  This will be the password those you share the portfolio with will use to open the file.

Once you have entered the password you can then click on the Send button that has replaced the Configure button.

Enter the email address of the recipient you want to receive an invite email to view the file. The invite is active for 21 days and is cancelled unless they access the file once.

Once you have invited people you can check if they have viewed your file and how many times they have viewed it.  You can also Cancel the invite if you no longer want them to have access to the file.

For every invitation to view a file an email is sent to the recipient.  The email gives a link to the file and the password they need to use created by you when first set up the sharing link.

When the invitee clicks on the link they are prompted with the following that records their agreement to not further share your file.  They also have to enter a unique number sequence that is generated each time to prevent repeated access attempts to guess the password.

This feature is helpful if you want to share your professional information with a supervisor/peer/advisor and want them to always access the latest version of your information for feedback and improvement.  Sharing a CV this way with a recruitment advisor allows them to keep up to date with your training, skills and work history.

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