More than just portfolio's

The PIO platform is not just about portfolio's.  With the portfolio designer functionality this is no limit to what information you can draw together and publish.  Create as many variances of portfolio's, CV's or other professional information you need. 

The platform was designed with enter once, re-use many functionality from day one.  The most basic subscription is the CV & Portfolio management.  Record your typical CV data, e.g. personal information, work history, training, in PIO.  You may choose to create a CV for a new job with generic information.  You may need to create a CV for a promotion and want to include some scanned files relevant to the role.  You may have to produce a portfolio of information and include information specific to your profession, e.g. Nursing.  All these different collections of professional information all have your basic CV information included in each and with the PIO platform when you have entered the data once you can re-use it in all the different documents you need.

To make life easy, when something changes, e.g. you attend some new training, you update your basic information and then whenever you open any of your created documents the new information is automatically drawn into the document.  No need to re-type or remember to include in each variation!

Many users find after having used PIO to record information for an organisation specific credentialing process they choose to take out an individual subscription to meet professional audit requirements because all the data they have entered (which isn't specific to the credentialing organisation they used) is theirs to use again, and again, even when they come to re-credential in years to come (assuming they have kept up their annual individual subscriptions).

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