In the right organisation?

Here at PIO we work with a range of organisations and at times users belong to more than one of these organisations and may also be individual PIO subscribers.  Users who are enrolled with an organisation can easily switch using use the organisation drop down above the My Portfolio button.

Every user who is subscribed to PIO, either as an individual or through an organisation, has access to the PIO site with all the CV and portfolio management functionality.  If you have purchased the Nursing module add-on you can access all NZ Nursing Council domains and nursing records.  Information common across different organisation's, e.g. work history, professional development hours, is automatically available in each organisation view, so you won't need to re-enter your data as you work with other training, credentialing or accreditation organisations who also use PIO.

Another way of saving time is to use the right login page.  Every organisation has their own login page.  When logging in to PIO, the default organisation you are taken to is connected to the login page. For example, if you was subscribed through an organisation which expired but you decided to take out an individual subscription, changing to use the main PIO login page will automatically take you to the PIO organisation.  You can still use the organisations specific login page but you will have to use the drop down each time to switch to PIO.

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